Rain or Shine: A Guide to Choosing All-weather Golf Apparel

Golf is one of the outdoor sports wherein the player is truly exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Environmental conditions, such as the terrain and weather, are among the challenges that golf players contend with as part of the game. They have to face the glaring sun and sweltering heat, gusts of wind, and in some conditions, the rain or the cold.

Golf apparelThis vulnerability to a wide range of uncontrollable conditions makes buying the proper golf apparel a rather complicated matter. Furthermore unlike other sports which are seasonal, PGA Golf tournaments have dates all year-round. Thus, buying apparel that is usable no matter the season is a practical thing to do. Here are some of the basic golf apparel and accessories one can consider in buying for an all-weather golf play.

The Staples: Basic Golf Wear

1. Shirt

There are many styles available for golf shirts provided for by international and high-end brands. Most of the designs though are polo shirts since it can give that certain class and comfort while playing this outdoor game. Materials can vary but the ideal ones are breathable, do not retain or cling to moisture, and go with the body during swings and movement. Polyester, microfiber and cotton mixed with spandex or polyester are among the best choices for material. These materials provide enough warmth on cold conditions, but remain cool for hot weather, wicks away moisture and are flexible.

2. Pants / Shorts / Skorts / Skirt with Bloomers

Pants are predominantly preferred for golf, but there are other choices as well especially for women. The ideal material is much the same as with golf shirts. It should be flexible to follow movement, with breathable fabric and dries quickly.

3. Footwear

Golf footwear is one of the most important golf apparel that must be chosen with utmost care. One is not restricted to closed shoes or loafer types, as there have been designs such as golf sandals and golf boots nowadays. Specific golf shoes are a necessity, especially in long games that usually lasts 4-6 hours. Choose shoes that have a strong grip with or without plastic spikes, to prevent slipping on muddy conditions or losing balance on swings. It should also be sturdy but comfortable and waterproof since golf requires a lot of walking as well. Soft leather and synthetic leather are perfect for all-weather conditions, while the Gore-Tex material is sturdier but is only suitable for colder conditions since it is technically warmer inside.

Golf Apparel for All Seasons: Accessories and Must-haves

1.Golf Gloves

Sweaty hands make the grip on the golf clubs slippery, so donning a glove provides some friction. It is also a perfect protection in cold weather to keep the hands and fingers from getting numb. Lastly, it renders protection for the hands from blisters in long games, and when doing those powerful swings.

2.Visors, hat, caps or sunglasses

It is optional to wear such to keep away the sun’s glare and as protection for the head from very hot conditions. Sunglasses can also be used in conditions wherein the terrain is sandy, to protect the eyes from being buffeted by the sand.

3.Outerwear – jackets, long-sleeved polo

If conditions are quite cold or rainy, donning on a good outerwear that is waterproof or water-resistant is advisable. Choose an outerwear that can provide warmth and insulation but does not restrict movement. Spandex and polyester materials are a good choice.

All in all, with this basic golf apparel guide, choosing the right golf wear for all types of weather conditions is a sure hole-in-one.

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Custom Coins, Creating a Difference for your Business

Custom coins can help create a difference in your business, especially if they are well-made. If you want something that can help you make your business grow, then invest a little more in your corporate coins. Don’t create a coin with a poor concept or design – everything should be planned carefully to avoid disappointment.

Your Coin, Your Brand

If your business is new, then you need to promote it by raising awareness regarding your brand. In creating a logo design, you need to come up with something striking and attractive, and at the same time sends a vivid message about the things to expect regarding your business.

If you want to create a brand that targets well-to-do clients, then your logo design should be something that appeals to the taste of such clients. Don’t choose something plain and mediocre. Choose something that’s rich in details without going overboard.

If your target clients are students, then choose a logo design that follows the current trend that most students are familiar with. Don’t choose something that came from the seventies or eighties unless they made a comeback or never really went out of style.

custom coinsIf your target clients are moms, then create a logo that seems to say that your company is eco-friendly, child-friendly, or anything that assures her that it is safe to choose your products. You need to create a logo that can give immediate information to your target client regarding the products or services that you offer. The same thing goes in choosing the design for your custom coins.

Your corporate coins can help promote your products or services and help your business grow, or break your company. You need to plan the kind of brand that you wish to be known for, and make sure that your logo design says it all.

Beautiful and Attractive Coins

When using corporate coins to promote your business, you need a coin design that is something between professional and laid back. If you have the kind of business that’s meant to be taken seriously all the time, then you need a coin design that looks professional to gain the approval of your target clients.

Design a coin that is gorgeous and attractive. Plan your design and ask for opinions regarding your design before hiring a coin manufacturer. It might take time in finding the right concept or design, but it will be worth it in the end. You can also ask your chosen manufacturer if they can make your design better.

You need to plan your design carefully, and you also need to choose your coin manufacturer carefully. There are lots of coin manufacturers out there and they have different levels of competence. You need to see proof of their work before you hire a particular custom coins manufacturer. The manufacturer must have a good reputation and can deliver on time.

Distributing your Coins

If you are distributing your coins to attract target clients to visit your establishment, then you need to distribute your coins in places where your target clients usually visit. If your target clients are college students, then you can distribute coins near the schools. If you are selling massage oils, then you can distribute your coins near offices, fitness centers, and other places where people will end up needing a massage.

Distribute your coins in places or near the locations that your target clients usually visit. It is possible for your target clients to visit a random place, but it is advisable to distribute your coins in places that your target clients never fail to visit. You will be able to attract more clients that way.

You can opt to distribute your coins together with a written invitation and freebie when they visit your shop. That client might even bring a friend along.

Custom coins can make your business flourish, just make sure that your design conveys the right brand and attracts the right customers.

Recommended and Not Recommended Fabrics for Placing Iron On Patches

Accenting clothes is made easy with the availability of iron on patches. But even if they say that your creativity and imagination should take precedence, it’s best to know that these patches are not suitable for some fabrics. You must know the right fabrics where you can place these patches and those that you must avoid if you want to use them.

Recommended Fabrics

These patches can be placed in a wide array of fabrics, although certain guides must be followed to ensure they will stick effectively on the fabric.

Among these fabrics are denim fabrics like jeans and jackets. These are durable fabrics and can tolerate heat well. You can use high heat settings without worrying about damaging your clothes. However, it’s not recommended to place iron on patches on stretched denims. There’s a high tendency of the patches not staying long on clothes because of their stretch properties. The fabric will stretch, which means the material will tug away from the glue and lead to possible patch removal and tearing.

iron on patchesAnother fabric where these patches will stick effectively is cotton. Cotton tops and bottoms are famous clothing pieces today and accenting them with these patches will enhance their appearances. Place these patches without worries with cotton clothing.

Polyester is also a popular material used on a wide array of clothes and often mixed with cotton. This material is also durable and often used on bags. Patch items made from this fabric minus the worries because of its durable features and ability to withstand direct heat.

Iron on patches can also be placed on rayon fabrics. They stick well on the fabric, but users must be aware that rayon is one of the delicate fabrics available in the market. It can’t tolerate heat as well as other fabrics can. To ensure the glue will melt and penetrate through the fabric is to use lower heat, but pressing on the patch longer than the usual.

Finally, many patches like appliques are also used on more delicate fabrics like satin. Although many individuals claim avoid using these patches on satin, other users are able to place them effectively by using a pressing cloth and using a lower heat setting. The pressing cloth will protect the fabric surrounding the patch. Just like rayon, users must press the iron longer to guarantee the glue will melt and stick properly.

Fabrics to Avoid

As much as you want to use your patches on every piece of clothing, remember that this is not possible for some fabrics. Examples of these fabrics are leather, nylon, triacetate-based fabric, and silk. These fabrics can’t tolerate high heat well. Waterproof fabric and leather will melt upon contact with a heated iron. Since heat is an element in placing iron on patches, you need to scratch clothing and gear made from these materials out of your list.

The same apply for tri-acetate fabrics, which are often used for making skirts due to its ability to retain pleats. High heat from iron will cause it to melt. Fabric damages can be seen instantly upon getting in contact with the iron’s surface plate.

Silk is a premium fabric that tends to pucker easily upon getting in contact with heat. A slight contact on the fabric will immediately show crumpling, which leads to damages. Even if the silk fabric is composed of other materials like cotton or acrylic, it will still be damaged upon pressing.

Knowing a fabric’s compatibility with iron on patches will ensure the effectiveness of patching and total protection for your clothing. Fortunately, the recommended fabrics for these patches outnumber the unsuitable ones. This implies you can use these patches on majority of the clothing pieces that you own.

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