The Hip Rubber Wristbands

“They are those small household items that keep things together”.

“Those are small rubber loops that always manage to get lost”.

This is probably what most people have in mind when rubber wristbands are mentioned. The rubber bands are the stretchy elastic bands made of rubber that are wound around loose items to keep them from getting lost or to bind them together. For most people, bands made from rubber are just ordinary bits and pieces found around in the house. They are probably unimportant too, since most people lose them. There is nothing spectacular or appealing about old rubber loops because they only have one purpose.

Then again, creativity and innovation are traits most humans have. These people are able to take something small, say a rubber band, and make it into something else that is more interesting.

From being branded as just household items that are always getting lost, these rubber bands have found a way to attract the attention of pop culture.By producing rubber bands in smaller diameters and funky colors, they are able to make cool accessories that trended worldwide. Rubber wristbands are cool bracelets that could be made at home with an apparatus. These are also called rainbow loom bands. This is the trending accessory for kids and women these days.

Rubber wristbandsIt involves colorful looms that can be woven with the given apparatus and result in funky bracelets that can be worn by girls and boys, adults and kids. The making process of the rubber wristbands is fun in itself. Kids have a new hobby to try out instead of staying glued to a gadget or on the television screen. It also exercises their creativity because they can produce a dozen different styles.

The process of making these accessories needs a lot of small rubber bands in different colors, a sturdy stick the size of a pencil and a plastic pegboard measuring 2 inches by 8 inches. The pegboard needs at least 2 pegs on it, but there are other available boards with over fifteen pegs attached on it. At least 2 pegs are needed to weave rubber wristbands but other styles can come from using three, four or all of the pegs altogether. It’s just a matter of weaving the bands correctly and attaching a plastic hook firmly to make it into a bracelet. The whole idea of the process is to loom the bands together by attaching a different band every time you weave it, thus the name ‘loom band’.

This hobby was invented three years ago by Cheong Choon Ng. The loom band game set was targeted to kids ages 8-14, but gradually appealed to older kids and even kids at heart. A whole set of the loom band package includes the stick, the pegboard and starter rubber bands in different colors for practicing weaving the rubber wristbands. Once you have got the hang of it, separate rubber bands in a variety of colors and designs are also available for purchasing.

Eventually, kids and adults have spread the worldwide phenomenon of weaving your own funky accessory by using small rubber bands. Teenagers have posted online videos tutoring fellow kids the proper techniques in making different styles of the popular bracelets. Some have discovered alternatives and also made key chains and headbands with the apparatus. Others creatively found ways to weave beads and other pieces into the bracelet. Other toy companies also joined the loom band craze in order to provide the people with other choices to develop their hobby.

From being ordinary household items to full-fledged sought-after trendy accessories, rubber bands have finally made their mark in pop culture.

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