How A Funeral Service Works

Funeral services are the families’ way to say goodbye to the departed. By making the right decisions, you can make the occasion more peaceful and memorable for the whole family and other mourners. However, arranging a memorial service can be daunting, especially when you don’t have an expert agency to help you. So it’s important to hire an internment specialist to make sure that everything is managed well.

Burial vs. Cremation

funeralThis is what makes the decision more difficult. Choosing between burial and cremation is the first thing you need to decide on after the death of a loved one. But if you choose to work with a reputable company, professional arrangements will be done no matter what you prefer.

For cremation, you will need to consider the following in order to make an informed decision:

1. It costs cheaper than the burial service.

2. Funeral service will be held in crematorium for appropriate use of facilities. But before the cremation, the memorial service may be done in your preferred location such as church.

3. The service will follow a limited time frame although it may vary on the chosen crematorium.

4. You will be the one to decide on where the ashes will be placed. A common choice is a vase while others scatter the ashes or simply bury them.

For burial service, here are some helpful tips to make sure that you understand what you are choosing:

1. In some cases, the family may provide their own plot or grave. However, if you still don’t have one, your funeral service provider can help you find a good location.

2. Be sure to check the price range of burial spaces within your area because some locations offer very expensive and limited spaces.

3. If you are planning to have your family’s remains in one location, you can reserve plots for them.

4. The burial service may take place in the cemetery chapel or local church, whichever you may prefer.

5. After the departed one has been buried, you will then decide on the memorial headstone which will be placed on the plot.

When making funeral arrangements, you will need to provide information about your late family member. The details may include full name, full address, birth date, when and where he/she died, and other important matters such as pacemakers fitted on the body. With a professional memorial service provider, you will be provided with everything you need such as transport, flowers, music, and other special requests.

During and After the Service

During the burial or cremation service, everyone will be gathered at a certain time and location. The coffin may be placed in front of an altar if you decide to hold the service in the church or chapel. A short program is organized in order to sanctify the dead and allow the family members to read their eulogies. Other mourners may also share their thoughts about the departed one.

Always remember that your service time is only limited so make sure that everything is ready before the burial or cremation day. But for those who want more time, they can request from their memorial service provider to give them specific time extension. However, any extended time will cost you an additional fee as approved by the funeral director.

After the service, family and friends will still gather to make some refreshments. It is usually held in the house of the deceased’s family or somewhere they personally prefer. Families should also keep mindful of their loved one’s mementos and valuables. Some people make special requests regarding their personal things before they pass on. For a more special memorial service, contact your local service provider now.

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