3 Best Keyword Research Tools You Can Use for Your SEO Articles

Keyword Research ToolsThe foundation of all SEO articles is the keyword, but sometimes, identifying the right keywords to use is confusing. Through keyword research tools, you can determine what keywords are relevant to online searches as they change in real-time. Some of them are completely cloud-based while some can be installed as applications to your computer and smartphones for more convenient online market analysis.

To help you find the most reliable keyword research tools today, here are the three best ones that you can use when writing your SEO articles.

1. Whatsmyserp.com

This website offers a tool called SERP Checker that you can use to compare your rank and discoverability alongside competitors in your niche using keywords. You can determine how well a particular keyword help you in comparison with your competitors using the same keyword.

SERP CheckerFor instance, just by inserting your and their domain in the tool, as well as the keyword you want to check out, you can already know how much that particular keyword help you and your competitors. This is an excellent way to know if a keyword that works for them does not work for you. Likewise, you can also change your main keywords by determining the keywords that contribute more to their discoverability and ranking.

The best thing about this tool is that it also shows your and your competitors’ history in ranking, so you will know if your rate of improvement is better or worse than them. The only downside of this is that it only works well for comparison and not in identifying the keyword that they dominantly use (you have to identify a common keyword that is used on both websites beforehand).

2. Googlesearchpositionfinder.com

This website offers a tool called Search Position Finder. It can help you determine how a particular keyword can help you or your competitor by showing your rank should you use that keyword dominantly on your website.

Search Position FinderFor instance, a keyword or keyphrase suddenly pops in your head and you want to know if using it is really worth using. Search Position Finder will help you foresee your possible rank in less than a minute. It is so fast that it can crunch online data like a keyword is really used in your website.

The only downside of this is that it does not really help you identify how a keyword works for you as you actually use it. Thus, it is helpful only before you use a keyword and not as you are already using it.

Some people also find the web design a little confusing, but it should not be a problem given the benefit. And no, it does not suggest keywords. You have to manually key in a keyword for the tool to work.

3. Keywordspy.com

This is an excellent keyword research tool as it suggests the most effective keywords for your website, as well as the phrasing and spelling variations. It can easily give you 10 options in a few seconds. This is more usable if you are planning to handpick the advertisements that will come out on your website.

effective keywordsThere are free and premium versions, but the difference is only in the volume of suggestions processed.

What is really good about this is that it also has the capacity to inform you the most effective keywords used by your competitors. It is a good way to start copying your competitors’ SEO strategies. Also, the premium version integrates other online tools that you can use in analyzing and monitoring your traffic.

The only downside of this is that it does not list what exact search engine it uses as model in searching keywords. It is still accurate, but not that much if you prefer to use a keyword research tool that focuses on Google alone (because major search engines have different algorithms).